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Safe-D Postman Slide Glove Strap


Safe-D Postman Slide Glove Strap-

Why Safe-D?

All Safe-D products are made from durable, non-porous material. All Safe-D products are 100% machine washable material for a safer solution than nylon. While it is true that nylon  straps can be machine washed, they have thousands of not millions of inner pockets from the weave which can hold cancer causing particulates to remain in the material.

There is no need to retreat, reseal, or special equipment needed for care and decon.

For post IDLH atmospheres simply place in the extractor with your fire gear for decon. If you do not have access to a fire gear extractor use an anti-bacterial/anti-microbial soap such as dawn dish washing liquid, a light brush and warm water. 

For Post Biological contaminations such as EMS calls/bodily fluids or heavy soiling we recommend one of two ways- 
     -Use of a bleach based solution (10%-25%) and a disposable rag
     -Use of EMS approved alcohol based sanitizer and a disposable rag
*Always use proper PPE, ventilation, and any other safety recommendations suggested or required on the cleaning products instructions.

Our products are thick enough to take the abuse from the job of fire and EMS, but supple enough to be comfortable. Our products feature tough hardware, limited lifetime warranty, and the best customer service in the industry. Being a Firefighter Owned and Operated business, we test our products to the max before putting them on your back. Our products are made to last, and will ride with you through many years, if not your entire career.

Product Description-

  • 5/8” wide Safe-D Material
      • NFPA Approved postman slide buckle for quick tightening and loosening 
      • Oversized Side Squeeze connection buckle for quick helmet release with a gloved hand

        Color Choices Include-

        • Black Material and Nickel Hardware
        • Black Material and Black Hardware

          In Stock Products ship same or next business day.