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Red Custom Leather Locker Tag

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Custom Leather Locker Tags-

Professionally identify your firehouse gear locker with our personalized nameplate. Fully Involved Leatherworks Custom First Responder Gear is handmade with a limited lifetime warranty for Firefighters and Medics. Our custom firehouse locker tags are made from 9/10 oz. American Zebu Hides. These hides are brought to our shop and then hand cut. Each piece of leather for our straps are hand dyed using Oil Dye. This oil dye will not come off, and helps ensure that your product will not crack, fade, or lose color over time.

Looking for 10 or more? Give us a call 704-799-9938 for a custom quote on custom fire department locker tags or any other product we offer!


  • 12" Wide
    2" Tall

AVERAGE LEAD TIME ON ALL CUSTOM MADE PRODUCTS IS 3-4 WEEKS. LEAD TIMES ARE ESTIMATED AND NOT GUARANTEED. WE DO NOT FORECAST SHIP DATES SINCE EACH PRODUCT IS CUSTOM. ONCE YOUR PRODUCT IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED BY EMAIL. ONCE YOUR PRODUCT HAS SHIPPED, YOU WILL RECEIVE THE TRACKING INFORMATION. While we try our best to fulfill each order within the 3-4 week window sometimes back ordered materials can hold us up. Lead times are not guaranteed, except orders placed before the Christmas Deadline posted before the Holiday Season.

Product Description-

  • 8/9 oz. leather
  • Stitched edges (your color choice)
  • Industrial Velcro included for easy movement to another assignment
    • 2 logos (custom images available, but only with prior approval from a representative)
    • Two lines of Text