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Stitched Postman Slide Leather Firefighting Glove Strap (In Stock)

Leather Color:


Fully Involved Leatherworks Handmade Stitched Postman Slide Style Glove Strap are made with strong and durable leather that still has a supple feel.  Our products are made to last, and will ride with you through many years; if not your entire firefighter career. All of our products are handmade 6+ oz. saddle grade American leather, well above industry standard. Our heavy duty hardware will stand the test of time as well.


  • Top quality 8+ oz. leather.

  • 5/8” wide strap

  • Stitched Edges

  • Oversized quick release buckle for quick strap release

  • Postman Slide Buckle for attaching the strap around firefighter gloves (fits different sized gloves).

  • Top quality scissor buckles to attach to your gear.

  • Color choice of black, rustic brown, tan, or red.


In Stock products usually ship within 3 business days.


Post Fire Decontamination Recommendations

All of our leather products are sealed to prevent the absorption of large contaminants and particulates.  If your equipment enters the IDLH we recommend washing off the large particulates with copious amounts of water and a soft bristle brush.  For a more in depth decontamination use a mild detergent (Joy, Dawn, or car soap) along with water and a soft bristle brush.  Once clean let air dry out of direct sunlight.  Our equipment should not be placed in an extractor or dryer.  These recommendations are based off of UL Contamination of firefighter personal protective equipment and skin and the effectiveness of decontamination procedures.  The study may be found at https://ulfirefightersafety.org/docs/FentEtAl_JOEH2017.pdf