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Breast Cancer Awareness Radio Strap (In Stock)(Free US Shipping)

Strap Size (see measuring guide below):
Additional Cord Keepers ($3 each):
Would You Like a Matching Radio Case?:


I have successfully measured myself in accordance to the specifications of this product listed below in the "How to Measure" section of the product description:

Fully Involved Leatherworks Handmade Leather Firefighting Radio Strap are made with strong and durable leather that still has a supple feel. Our products are made to last, and will ride with you through many years, if not your entire firefighter career.



  • Extra Small (53-60 inches) from bottom of strap excluding case
  • Small (58-65 inches) from bottom of strap excluding case
  • Medium (64-71 inches) from bottom of strap excluding case
  • Large (70-75 inches) from bottom of strap excluding case

If ordering as a gift here are some recommendations for size, however, not always 100% correct.

  • Extra Small 5'8" or less than 150 lbs
  • Small - under 5'10" or less than 200 lbs.
  • Medium - under 6'3" or less than 260 lbs.
  • Large - over 6'3" or more than 325 lbs.

How to Measure-

Take a piece of webbing, rope, or string over your shoulder. Bring two ends together at your hip where you want the strap to attach to the radio holster. Take a tape measure record the total length in inches and choose your radio strap size according to the standard lengths. Be sure to stand straight when measuring for best fit.

Product Description-

  • Black Stitched edges
  • Top quality Nickel scissor buckles to attach to a radio case
  • Pink Awareness ribbon with white outline between the mic loops
  • 1 belt end keeper
  • 2 horizontal mic clips
  • 1 Mic clip with cord keeper included
  • Anti-sway strap (matching hardware)
  • White outlined pink awareness ribbon placed between the mic loops
  • Our Universal Radio case may be added with matching hardware and leather. It fits 99% of current radios on the market including but not limited to: Motorola APX series, Motorola HT series, Motorola CP series, Motorola DTR, EF Johnson, ICOM, VERTEX, Viking Radios, King Radios, and many more.

All of our products are handmade 9+ oz. saddle grade American leather, well above industry standard. Our heavy duty nickel hardware will stand the test of time. All of our products are made from American Zebu hides. These hides are brought to our shop and then hand cut. Each piece of leather for our straps are hand dyed using Oil Dye. This Oil dye not only will not come off, but helps ensure that your product will not crack, fades, or loose color over time. Our Stitched Edge will give each product a classy look, while still maintaining the durability of one piece of leather.

NEVER DO WE RECOMMEND WEARING YOUR RADIO STRAP OVER YOUR TURNOUT COAT. THIS CREATES AN ENTANGLEMENT HAZARD AND IS HARSH ON YOUR RADIO AND STRAP. For proper use with turnout gear place your coat over the strap with your radio hanging over bunker pants. Your strap should be placed where your coat will shed water off of your radio, but yet you can still use knob functions. Pull the collar mic out of your coat through the neck. By doing this you will protect your strap and most importantly your communication device.

Post Fire Decontamination Recommendations

All of our leather products are sealed to prevent the absorption of large contaminants and particulates.  If your equipment enters the IDLH we recommend washing off the large particulates with copious amounts of water and a soft bristle brush.  For a more in depth decontamination use a mild detergent (Joy, Dawn, or car soap) along with water and a soft bristle brush.  Once clean let air dry out of direct sunlight.  Our equipment should not be placed in an extractor or dryer.  These recommendations are based off of UL Contamination of firefighter personal protective equipment and skin and the effectiveness of decontamination procedures.  The study may be found at https://ulfirefightersafety.org/docs/FentEtAl_JOEH2017.pdf