Why Choose Us?

There are many other leather companies around the country both big and small. Custom leather for firefighters is different than any other type of leather work in the world, because we take leather to places that it should NEVER go. There are many different ways to tool, finish, seal, and protect your investment from these harsh conditions, and simply, ours works! Our finishing and sealing process is quite different than anyone out there today. If considering another company for your work ask these few questions and compare the difference.

1 - How are the colors applied?

  • Most of the other companies in the market purchase pre dyed leather (black, brown, tan, red, etc), stamp your name on it, and paint it with leather paint and its done.  We take a lot more pride in our work and want it to last.  We DO NOT use paint for our text color, we dye it from natural colored veg tan leather.  Paint will peel, crack, and wear off, but dye is forever.  Our oil dye is guaranteed not to leave stains on your shirt, or come off.  The only paint applied is the outline color, and it is in a protective groove.

2 - Does the company finish their product correctly?

  • Many other companies simply do not do this step (the big guys), or use finishes designed for wallets, saddles, and belts. Hopefully you can understand that your investment takes a little more torture than you wallet, belt or a saddle would take. Calm down, we have already figured it out!

3 - What kind of paint is used in their products?

  • Many leather workers use acrylic water based craft paint to add color to their products. These paints will not withstand water, heat, and the conditions your taking it in to? Don't worry, we have you covered with the correct products!

4 - How long has this company been in business?

  • We have been in business since 2013 and produced over 15000 radio straps, chin straps, glove straps and other pieces.  While we may not have been on the block the longest, what has made our business is our attention to detail, and customer service.  Can you find anyone else out there that will back their radio cases for life?