• Why Did my order not go through or my credit card declined?

99% of credit card declines are due to NSF (non sufficient funds) or security mismatch.  Security mismatch is when your billing address does not match that of what your bank has on file.  Usually after 3 attempts your bank will lock your card and not allow any more purchases.  Your bank statement maybe showing the charges on the "pending charges", however, your payment did not go through.  This means that your bank has set aside the money in case our security features would allow the transaction to process, however, we will never override this for customer safety.  These charges usually fall off of your bank account the next business day, so relax!

  • I havent heard from my order in a few weeks, whats going on?

We make on average 100+ radio straps per week, and we make them in batches.  Once your order has been placed in a batch for production you will receive an email stating that your order is in production.  Actual production takes around 1-2 weeks depending on how quick things dry and number of colors used etc.  Once your order ships, you will receive tracking information via email.

  • How long will it take to get my order?

Our in stock items usually ship within 48 hours.

Our custom products range from 4-7 weeks depending on work load.  Usually in the fall lead times are higher than normal.  The 4-7 week estimate is what we try to work within, however, sometimes orders may take longer than that for various reasons.  Please remember all custom products are hand made and we do not rush our work, so that the end result is perfection.

  • Does my strap come with a radio case or pouch?

If you select "yes" then your radio strap will come with one, if you select "no" then it does not.  The website will adjust pricing accordingly.

  • Can you put a custom image on my strap like a fire dept patch or team logo?

Yes we can.  Some images may loose some detail but will be very recognizable.  This order must be taken over the phone, and a digital image (not a picture taken of the image) sent to us for approval.  The cost is $45 per image, and you will not be charged for having the stamp placed on the strap.

  • Can I choose another color than listed on your website?

No, unlike many competitors we use dye instead of paint.  That being said our colors last longer and will not rub, crack, and peel, however some of the color choices are limited.  We feel this is the best option for longevity and the investment you are making.

  • Do you make products that are not listed on your website?

No we do not, while we can make them, we are so busy with products listed on the website that we stick to what is advertised.

  • Can you customize the radio strap that I already have?

No we only work on our own products.  Once leather is sealed, it is very hard to achieve the results you would get from natural veg tan leather.